The 8th Season of the Front Porch Series Returns

Sundays in August at 10:00 a.m.

Front Porch Church (FPC) is a summer series started at Southport Christian Church in 2010. It was inspired by a conversation between staff person, Doug Lofton, and one of our members, Dean Phelps. Dean was playing a hymn using his thumb picking style on the guitar, and both noticed that it sounded a lot like a song from Prairie Home Companion, a long time radio show on National Public Radio. The question came up "What if we tried to do an old time radio show approach to worship some Sunday?" Out of that discussion came our first attempt at FPC. Featuring a house band, Readers Theater, a fictitious weekly sponsor, a guest artist, an old time hymn sing, a morning story and communion, the month of August became FPC at Southport.

The first August on the porch examined changes we experience with seasons on the calendar and in our lives. Our "sponsors" included Morgan & David's Heavenly Grape Juice, The Convenient Communion and Funeral Home which offered drive through service, a line of fragrances from Renewal from the River which offered Rose of Sharon and Hyssop scents for her and Galilee, a scent for him and finally communion wafers from the Campbell's Stone Soup Company which melt in your mouth but don't go straight to your waist. Our guest artists were Buddy Jewell, Eli Beth, Ted Wilson and the Sugar Creek Bluegrass Band. For seven seasons, the series has invited to sit back and listen to front porch conversations about life and how it unfolds around us.

For our eighth season on the porch, we're inviting an old friend, Dr. Seuss. Generations have grown up with his books and have enjoyed reading the tongue twisting stories, meeting the unusual characters and being introduced to strange foods combinations. We'll be examining five stories: The Sneetches; The Zax; The Lorax; The Butter Battle; Oh The Places You'll Go. Each story illustrates challenges and life values which we call, Unlikely Seusspiration. We'll be introducing a new area close to the porch called the "Prayerground" where children and their families will create, wonder and interact with the service.

We invite you to join us for a different kind of worship expereince on our Front Porch each Sunday in August beginning at 10:00 a.m. Our last morning on the porch, August 27th will be followed by a Seusspiration Pitch-in lunch featuring Dr. Seuss foods! (If the only thing you can think of is green eggs and ham, you'll be relieved to know that there truly are appetizing choices. Search on Dr. Seuss recipies and explore your inner Seuss-Chef!

Horizon Team

Horizon Updadte (August 17, 2017)

Excitement is building as our Relocation Planning Teams are hard at work planning for our future ministry! Over 60 people are currently involved on these nine teams. Click here for a complete list of the Relocation Planning Teams and their members. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we prepare for our future!

Faith Moving Team

Have you noticed colorful stickers all over the church? You’re not seeing things. The newly created “Faith Moving Team’s” first goal is to inventory every movable asset at Southport! We are labeling, putting on stickers, and recording every non-fixed item so that we will know what items/materials we have when planning the space and programs at our new location. Southport certainly has a lot of ‘stuff’! Up to this point, the Faith Moving Team has inventoried about 70% of the church. A BIG thank you to the Faith Moving Team members: Carol Bass, Kent Bennett, Sue Dykes, Bruce Fudge, Mark Fujihara, Jane Kixmiller, Helen McKeehan, Steve Smith, Jeff Stoner, Lynn Taylor, and Launch Team representative Brenda Rohl.

Horizon Update (August 3, 2017)

The Horizon Team and newly formed planning teams are meeting regularly and working on plans for an exciting future.Here is a link to the list of teams, their functions, and the team leaders. Please contact any of the team leaders if you have questions or ideas. Each of the teams appreciates your prayers and support. We know it is important to provide as much information as possible to the entire congregation. To help keep everyone up-to-date, we will be sharing important updates from the various planning teams through bi-weekly email blasts, articles printed in the Sunday bulletin, and listings on the SCC website. This week, we want to introduce you to the Identity Team (see article below).

Identity Team News

Your newly formed Identity Team has been hard at work over the last month! While our team has many items on our to-do list, our first priority is recommending a name for our church to be used in our new location. We understand this is an important decision for many members of the congregation - we continue to meet weekly to review suggestions from you, brainstorm new ideas, and identify the characteristics of our identity that are most important to the congregation. While we do not have a specific name yet - we plan to present our recommendation to the board and congregation by mid-September. We appreciate your patience, as this is a big job we have! Our goal is to identify a name that can last our church for another 60 years. As we continue this process, we ask that you begin to observe up-and-coming church names in our new geographical location. You may notice they look a little different, sound a little different, and feel a little different than what we are used to here at Southport Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Please begin to open your heart and your mind to the name change we have in store! Thank you to those who have submitted name suggestions and messaging ideas. We've taken all suggestions into consideration and greatly appreciate those who contributed. Your Identity Team is made up of Kelli Fultz, Bill Baron, Jan Amonette, Jim and Paula Ream, Phil and Heather Dickerson, and Launch Team representative, Jake Roberts.

On Sunday, April 30th an update was provided regarding our upcoming move: Read about our future story..

On Sunday, January 22nd, a report was presented on the future geographical area for our new location: New Location Report.

SCC Makes the Decision to Relocate Ministry

For several years SCC has been considering a possible relocation of our ministry to an area on the southside of Indianapolis where we could better serve the surrounding neighborhood. At the same time our sister church, the Chin Christian Church, who has been sharing our facility for 12 years, was in search of a location that would meet the needs of their growing congregation. After prayerful consideration, SCC decided to sell the building to the Chin Christian Church, which is the perfect location for their ministry, and begin a two-year process of seeking a new location for the next chapter of our ministry.

New Congregation in Formation

On Sunday March 5th, a meeting was coordinated by SCC members Bob Shaw and Susan McNeely which brought together the significant Congolese community that has been worshipping at Southport along with possible leadership. The Indiana Disciples of Christ Region and Southport as a significant contributor, has had a long term relationship with the emerging Disciples of Christ community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two years ago, we helped relocate the first immigrants from this country to the US. In that early wave was a Disciple pastor and his family. He has been seeking a community to serve and it appears that he has possibly found one at Southport.

After a very exciting first meeting, the Congolese community has begun meeting as a Bible Study during our second worship hour in one of our Sunday School classrooms. The worship averages 40 people per Sunday and SCC pleased to partner with them as they contnue their journey among us.


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