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Thoughts from our Prayer Team (November 9, 2017)

In our Disciple I Fast Track class, we have been reading in the Old Testament about the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness. As they traveled on their way to Canaan, they wondered many times if God had abandoned them. Despite their feelings of doubt and despair, it turned out that God was always there, providing just what they needed, at just the right time.

Like the Israelites, we, too, are on a journey, and there have been some pretty bumpy times for us lately. No doubt, many of us have wondered, "Why are we having to struggle so much to come up with a new name for our church? Why are we struggling so much to find a new location for the church?"

In the midst of our struggles, I think Jesus would remind us that He is with us, and that we simply need to keep the faith . . . and trust Him to provide all that we need . . . at just the right time.

Thanks be to God for the wonderful love and blessings that Jesus offers us each day!


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