Horizon Team

Thoughts from our Prayer Team (November 9, 2017)

In our Disciple I Fast Track class, we have been reading in the Old Testament about the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness. As they traveled on their way to Canaan, they wondered many times if God had abandoned them. Despite their feelings of doubt and despair, it turned out that God was always there, providing just what they needed, at just the right time.

Like the Israelites, we, too, are on a journey, and there have been some pretty bumpy times for us lately. No doubt, many of us have wondered, "Why are we having to struggle so much to come up with a new name for our church? Why are we struggling so much to find a new location for the church?"

In the midst of our struggles, I think Jesus would remind us that He is with us, and that we simply need to keep the faith . . . and trust Him to provide all that we need . . . at just the right time.

Thanks be to God for the wonderful love and blessings that Jesus offers us each day!

Launch Team News (October 26, 2017)

The Launch Team began working with the Relocation Teams in late June, 2017 with the mission of having all the pieces in place for a successful first Sunday (and beyond!) in our new space, and immediately start establishing our footprint in our new area. Laura Littlepage is working with the Design Team as the Launch Liaison as they work through the process required to design our new facility.

Jennifer Rhorer is the Launch Liaison for the Christian Education, Fellowship, Outreach and Worship Relocation Teams. Each group is in the process of brainstorming, testing, and evaluating Programs to determine the feasibility and practicality of having those programs at our new location. Jennifer is also the Liaison for the Relocation Prayer Team as they engage the congregation in opportunities that lift up the entire relocation process.

Jake Roberts has been claimed by the Identity Team as their Launch Liaison, and continues to work with that team in identifying a new name for our church!

Brenda Rohl is the Launch Liaison for the Budget & Staff, Faith Move and Property Relocation Teams. Budget & Staff is working to prepare projected budgets and determine staffing needs based on reports from the Program teams and others for the upcoming 3-5 years in our new location. Faith Move is in the process of completing inventory of all items that belong to SCC to help determine what items will be moved to our new location. The Property Relocation Team is busy identifying a location for our new building, in hopes of bringing news to you soon!

If you would like to understand more about any of the Relocation Teams, please talk to any of the Launch Team members. They would be happy to help you get the information you are seeking, or ensure that your ideas are relayed to the appropriate Relocation Teams(s)!

Outreach Team News (October 12, 2017)

The Outreach Team is working to find new ways to reach out to those living in Johnson County. The team consists of Tom Adams, Andrew Moore, Michelle Soruco, Larry Baldauf, and Marcia McKinney with Program Chair, Bob McKinney, and Launch Team liaison, Jennifer Rhorer. We are exploring new, out-of-the box ways to learn about Johnson county and how to serve and bring people into our church.

We have been dreaming and identified 12 projects that we are moving ahead with. We also have several ideas for opportunities for outreach in our new community after our location and new name are secured. If you have any ideas about new programs for Outreach, please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our team members. We are excited to start some of these programs soon so we can exemplify our mission of acceptance, open-mindedness and community.

Fellowship Team News (October 12, 2017)

The Fellowship Team is planning new and different ways to bring us together as a church, as well as inviting others to come fellowship with us. Team members are: Linda Speziale (chair), Bruce Fudge, Carol Smith, Megan Armstrong, Terri Rogers Staff Support, and Launch Team liaison, Jennifer Rhorer.

We recently introduced a coffee bar and snack station. We have heard very positive feedback from members and attendees. The free will offering so generously given is being tracked and deposited after Sunday second service and will help fund the program in the future.

Our current project is a Welcome Program to shepherd visitors into the church, from the greeters, to the kiosk for visitor information, to a Sunday school room, or to the Sanctuary. The goal is to cover all the touch points of a first, second or third time visitor. The Fellowship Team is open to ideas you have that would promote fellowship within our congregation, especially in our new location. If you are interested in joining the team or have ideas or questions, please contact any team member!

Results of New Church Name Vote

On Sunday morning, October 8th, members of Southport Christian Church voted on the proposed name of The Spark. Of 166 total votes, 109 (65.67%) voted "Yes." The threshold for passing the name was 2/3 (66.67%). The proposed name did not pass

The Identity Team's process will continue, as we all listen for God's call as we move forward. Thank you to all who prayerfully considered the name of our Church.

New Church Name Presentation & Congregational Meeting (Posted October 2, 2017)

On Sunday, October 1st, the Identity Team shared a proposal for our new church name. If you were not able to attend, you can watch it here.

Click here to view the new name and information sheet.

We will hold a congregational vote on the new name on Sunday, October 8th, from 8:00am to 11:30am. To be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing who has either contributed financially once or been present in worship once, since January 1, 2016.

You may also vote in the church office beginning Monday, October 2nd. Please contact Terri or Matt Fultz to make arrangements.

New Church Name Proposal & Congregational Meeting (Posted September 28, 2017)

Your Identity Team is extremely excited to share with you our proposal for our new church name! After a twelve week process, lots of conversations, a lot of thought and much prayer, we can't wait to show you our story, our process and our proposed church name.

A reminder that the presentation and congregational meeting is this Sunday, October 1st, in the Fellowship Hall. A light lunch will begin immediately following the 10:30am service, with the presentation beginning at 12:00pm.

We will present our process, share the name, take your questions, and give you information to take home. We hope you will prayerfully consider the new name and, as always, feel free to ask questions and voice concerns.

We will hold a congregational vote on the new name on Sunday, October 8th, from 8:00am to 11:30am. To be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing who has either contributed financially once or been present in worship once, since January 1, 2016.

You may also vote in the church office beginning Monday, October 2nd. Please contact Terri or Matt Fultz to make arrangements.

The vote requires a 2/3 majority of votes cast in order to pass.

Christian Education Team News (September 28, 2017)

The Christian Education team is part of the Program Team, working to find new ways to enhance our spirituality and grow our faith. The team consists of Norma Jean Bosworth, Mel Fultz, Darren Nguyen, Scott Opsahl, Shannon Sedgwick, Cathy Shook and Nina Eads, with Jennifer Rhorer as our Launch Team Liaison. We are exploring new, out-of-the-box ways to learn about faith, spirituality and the Bible. Below are a few offerings that will be available over the next year.

  • We have researched and done some brainstorming and found that social media is an excellent way to communicate and carry on discussions about faith, while not having to meet in a specific location. Look for a Facebook Live discussion group in 2018!
  • Families desire time together to share their faith, and what better way than through “Car Discussions” after worship on the way home from church?
  • Sources say that “We are wired for imagery.” Just look around your home. Photos, magazines, the TV, computers; all have images on them that evoke feelings and can be a source to spark spiritual discussions. During Lent 2018, we will embark on the Visual Faith Project. We will explore Scripture through the use of images, allowing us to experience God’s world in new and transformative ways.
  • We are also planning to explore our faith through Fine Arts with guided painting and dinner events.

If you have any ideas about programs for Christian Education, please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our team. If you would like to be a part of more in depth planning of one of these events, please speak with us! We are very excited to start some of these programs very soon so we can grow into our mission of acceptance, open-mindedness and community.

Prayer Team Update (September 14, 2017)

The Prayer Team was created to help ensure that the journey we are on here at Southport Christian Church, is a journey in which we are striving to allow God to be our Guide and Strength. Prayer Team members are Sandy Hayes, Paula Peterson, Linda Darr, Alicia Fujihara, John Kixmiller, and Launch Team representative, Jennifer Rhorer.

Here's what the Team has been up to: For the first three months, weekly pocket prayer cards have been created to serve as a reminder to the congregation to be in daily prayer for our church and its ministries. On Sunday, September 17th at 10:05, the Team is hosting a gathering for prayer in Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend this time of prayer in which the Horizon Team as well as all the individual Launch Team members will be recognized and prayed for as they serve in their roles. On Thursday, September 28th, the Team in conjunction with the Christian Education Team, will be offering the 24 week Disciple I Fast Track Bible Study which will include weekly prayers for our church and its leaders. The Prayer Team is grateful for your continuing prayers for our church.

Budget/Staff Team News (September 14, 2017)

The Budget/Staff Team is working with each of the Relocation Teams to help define our needs for resources when we transition to our new location. Each program area is providing us with their vision for ministry at our new location, and we are using that information to determine what our staff needs will be and what program support costs will be. We are using historical data to estimate our monthly costs for maintaining a building (utilities, insurance, lawn service, snow removal, etc.). We are also working closely with the Design Team to understand the potential new building costs, so that we can create a comprehensive budget that includes our Operating Expenses and our Capital (Mortgage) Expenses. Much of the work we are doing won't really become a reality until mid to late 2018, however, working now to understand our dreams and our visions will help us as we grow together into our new home. Budget/Staff Team members are Curtis Clingerman, Angie Opsahl, Sarah Nguyen, Chris Fultz, and Launch Team representative, Brenda Rohl.

Horizon Update (August 31, 2017)

Our Relocation Teams are all meeting regularly and making plans in each area of their concentration: Property Search and Acquisition Team, Identity Team, Design Team, Budget/Staff Team, Faith Move Team, Prayer Team, and Launch Team. Although it may feel like things are moving slowly and information is scarce, please know that all of the teams are working hard and several are close to making major announcements. Each group is working hard to make sure they get it right. These are very exciting times and we appreciate your continued prayers and enthusiasm!

Design Team News

The Design Team has begun introductory interviews with potential architect firms who will help us design our new building. We met with four local firms this week to gather information and learn more about their work. We anticipate holding second, more in-depth interviews with two of those prior to making a final decision. In some cases these firms were selected based upon our familiarity with their prior work. Others were chosen after we reviewed their work on their web site.

There are many steps involved in designing and building a space – many more than you might think. One area we have studied is “delivery systems,” or how you move from the drawings to the finished building. We ruled out one called design-construction management, because of the high level of oversight it would require from us. Our interviews should help us determine which system is right for our project.

Several of our other Relocation Planning Teams have provided us with anticipated space requirements for future programming, storage needs, etc. This will help us determine space needs as we design our new building. We are also working closely with the Budget/Staff Team to determine the budget for the new building. Jim Michel, Building and Capital Services Advisor for the Disciples Church Extension Fund, has also been very helpful in this process.

Members of the Design Team are Bea Baron, Karen Dickerson, Eric Eads, Chris Fultz, Carol George, Jason Kixmiller, Rick Reisinger, John Richardson, Rhonda Tipton, and Launch Team representative, Laura Littlepage.

Horizon Update (August 17, 2017)

Excitement is building as our Relocation Planning Teams are hard at work planning for our future ministry! Over 60 people are currently involved on these nine teams. Click here for a complete list of the Relocation Planning Teams and their members. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we prepare for our future!

Faith Moving Team

Have you noticed colorful stickers all over the church? You’re not seeing things. The newly created “Faith Moving Team’s” first goal is to inventory every movable asset at Southport! We are labeling, putting on stickers, and recording every non-fixed item so that we will know what items/materials we have when planning the space and programs at our new location. Southport certainly has a lot of ‘stuff’! Up to this point, the Faith Moving Team has inventoried about 70% of the church. A BIG thank you to the Faith Moving Team members: Carol Bass, Kent Bennett, Sue Dykes, Bruce Fudge, Mark Fujihara, Jane Kixmiller, Helen McKeehan, Steve Smith, Jeff Stoner, Lynn Taylor, and Launch Team representative Brenda Rohl.

Horizon Update (August 3, 2017)

The Horizon Team and newly formed planning teams are meeting regularly and working on plans for an exciting future.Here is a link to the list of teams, their functions, and the team leaders. Please contact any of the team leaders if you have questions or ideas. Each of the teams appreciates your prayers and support. We know it is important to provide as much information as possible to the entire congregation. To help keep everyone up-to-date, we will be sharing important updates from the various planning teams through bi-weekly email blasts, articles printed in the Sunday bulletin, and listings on the SCC website. This week, we want to introduce you to the Identity Team (see article below).

Identity Team News

Your newly formed Identity Team has been hard at work over the last month! While our team has many items on our to-do list, our first priority is recommending a name for our church to be used in our new location. We understand this is an important decision for many members of the congregation - we continue to meet weekly to review suggestions from you, brainstorm new ideas, and identify the characteristics of our identity that are most important to the congregation. While we do not have a specific name yet - we plan to present our recommendation to the board and congregation by mid-September. We appreciate your patience, as this is a big job we have! Our goal is to identify a name that can last our church for another 60 years. As we continue this process, we ask that you begin to observe up-and-coming church names in our new geographical location. You may notice they look a little different, sound a little different, and feel a little different than what we are used to here at Southport Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Please begin to open your heart and your mind to the name change we have in store! Thank you to those who have submitted name suggestions and messaging ideas. We've taken all suggestions into consideration and greatly appreciate those who contributed. Your Identity Team is made up of Kelli Fultz, Bill Baron, Jan Amonette, Jim and Paula Ream, Phil and Heather Dickerson, and Launch Team representative, Jake Roberts.

On Sunday, April 30th an update was provided regarding our upcoming move: Read about our future story..

On Sunday, January 22nd, a report was presented on the future geographical area for our new location: New Location Report.

SCC Makes the Decision to Relocate Ministry

For several years SCC has been considering a possible relocation of our ministry to an area on the southside of Indianapolis where we could better serve the surrounding neighborhood. At the same time our sister church, the Chin Christian Church, who has been sharing our facility for 12 years, was in search of a location that would meet the needs of their growing congregation. After prayerful consideration, SCC decided to sell the building to the Chin Christian Church, which is the perfect location for their ministry, and begin a two-year process of seeking a new location for the next chapter of our ministry.

New Congregation in Formation

On Sunday March 5th, a meeting was coordinated by SCC members Bob Shaw and Susan McNeely which brought together the significant Congolese community that has been worshipping at Southport along with possible leadership. The Indiana Disciples of Christ Region and Southport as a significant contributor, has had a long term relationship with the emerging Disciples of Christ community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two years ago, we helped relocate the first immigrants from this country to the US. In that early wave was a Disciple pastor and his family. He has been seeking a community to serve and it appears that he has possibly found one at Southport.

After a very exciting first meeting, the Congolese community has begun meeting as a Bible Study during our second worship hour in one of our Sunday School classrooms.

On Sunday, November 26th, six members of the Southport Congolese Disciples of Christ Church were commissoned as Deacons. The worship averages 40 people per Sunday and SCC pleased to partner with them as they contnue their journey among us.


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