Horizon Team/Mission Pathways Update

On Sunday, April 30th an update was provided regarding our upcoming move: Read about our future story..

On Sunday, January 22nd, a report was presented on the future geographical area for our new location: New Location Report.

SCC Makes the Decision to Relocate Ministry

For several years SCC has been considering a possible relocation of our ministry to an area on the southside of Indianapolis where we could better serve the surrounding neighborhood. At the same time our sister church, the Chin Christian Church, who has been sharing our facility for 12 years, was in search of a location that would meet the needs of their growing congregation. After prayerful consideration, SCC decided to sell the building to the Chin Christian Church, which is the perfect location for their ministry, and begin a two-year process of seeking a new location for the next chapter of our ministry.

New Congregation in Formation

On Sunday March 5th, a meeting was coordinated by SCC members Bob Shaw and Susan McNeely which brought together the significant Congolese community that has been worshipping at Southport along with possible leadership. The Indiana Disciples of Christ Region and Southport as a significant contributor, has had a long term relationship with the emerging Disciples of Christ community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two years ago, we helped relocate the first immigrants from this country to the US. In that early wave was a Disciple pastor and his family. He has been seeking a community to serve and it appears that he has possibly found one at Southport.

After a very exciting first meeting, the Congolese community has begun meeting as a Bible Study during our second worship hour in one of our Sunday School classrooms. Who knows what God will do within this community, but we are happy to partner with them as they begin their journey among us.


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